Yup, I’ve been ignoring you.

and you, and you too. Bad on me. But hey, I’ve been swamped, and it’s been goooood!

Well for starters, LRB is taking a whole new twist. The community blog is somewhat settled. If you’ve been keeping up with it, you’d notice we’ve been blogging more religiously than ever (it’s a figure of speech)! With daily articles, and more comprehensive categories, the blog has recently began to pull in loads more visitors, and returning visitors which is always a good sign. Our subscribers on Facebook, Twitter, Google Friends, and RSS feeds have also increased tremendously. Especially Twitter I ought to say, from a decent 121 subscriber count back in May 09, to a whooping 634 now! Well sure there are those with millions of subscribers, but I’m plenty pleased with our numbers!

All of which are added pressure to preform better. We’ve so far reviewed five products and services, which have been good, and we have another 3 or 4 outstanding ones yet to be completed. We’re conducting our FIRST GIVEAWAY this month, infact, tomorrow is the last day!

The blog is also taking a whole new direction in the sense of articles. If you’ve been following (why aren’t you?) LRB blog, you’d notice that July has been dedicated to ‘Preschool Learning Centers’. Everyday we post an article in regards to learning centers, and trust me, it has not been an easy feat. From dusting of decade-old notes, to research, and compilation, and ensuring the articles is info-packed, yet relatively short and easy to read and swallow. Oh the horror! Yet it’s a huge thrill-factor e`vryday as we watch our articles get published and our loyal readers tweeting them. Yup, they do!!! *Big Wide Grin*

Coming back to the whole new twist. As you probably have gathered, we been attempting to create a family-friendly directory on-site, and the positive feedback from the companies listed on-site have been extremely encouraging. A slight bit too encouraging, which is why we stopped updating the current site, and had to work on a whole new site to accomodate their requests and input. Yup, I’m being cryptic. I can’t say much as of yet, all I can say, is keep a lookout, we’ve got big stuffs coming soon. Hopefully I can gather e`vrything ready by Aug/Sept cos weeeeeee I just can’t keep my mouth and fingers shut!!

There’s also been much going on at the personal department. Nothing people (loads of people) haven’t said before.


  • They just can’t seem to stick to their decisions.
  • They suck at decision making.
  • They whine they want to make decisions.
  • They (again) can’t affirm a decision.

July 23, 2009. Marie Muses.

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