Generation Y. You’ve heard all about us.

  • We don’t watch TV much as you do.
  • You’ve probably been told that we don’t read that much, either.
  • You can’t find us on MTV anymore.
  • You certainly can’t tell us what’s cool.

We’re the ‘Connected’ generation. Creations of the Baby Boomers who raised us with beliefs that we can do or be anything we want!

You’ve never met a bunch of optimistics, with the likes of ours.

  • We believe in miracles.
  • We work for joy. There’s no line between work and home. We just wanna spend our time meaningfully, no matter where we are!
  • Our search for meaning has led us to give a damn about Gaia, and our community.

We’re everything you wanted to be, and some more. We IM, we text, we catch up with friends on ‘walls’ of Facebook. Most times, we do it all together at the same time. We grew up on the Internet, and we force you to think more creatively.

We don’t give a damn about your opinions of us. We experience the world on a whole. We do not go by instructions on what’s right and what’s not. We derieve our own judgements in the trenches of life.

We dig live music, art-houses, outdoors, mashups, extreme sports, and most importantly AUTHENTICITY. It’s cool, truthful, hip, edgy, and dorky; but we love it.

We aren’t naive. We’ve seen it all. From the hanging of Saddam, to 9-11, to the civil wars. We know real when we see it, but we continue to aim for the maximum experience of life. We understand we only get one chance, and we live it to its fullest.

August 26, 2009. Marie Muses.

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