Hysterically Simple.

I think I need to blog more often, there’s SO much happening in my life, and  I can hardly keep up with myself! I definitely wanna remember these moments of life though.

  1. Isaac
    Today, 28/8/09, was the EDD (Estimated Due Date) of my baby boy. Rest in peace my sweet baby.
    I wish I don’t miss you as much as I do, but I rejoice in knowing you’ve reached eternal happiness and contentment.
  2. Reviews
    I’ve been doing so many reviews as of late, I can hardly keep up with them! Much less, recall which product would be given away for the month!

    Review materials received this week.

    Review materials received this week.

    I now have a decent pile of products, and a list of website reviews outstanding.

  3. Blog break
    Well, not in here (despite the Houdini I pulled), but the Little Red Bus blog is having a break. There are some pre-posted articles, reviews, etc popping up and publishing themselves (God bless scheduled posting), but we aren’t slaving away everyday writing a blog article for this week.
  4. Re-design
    I tried very hard not to meddle with the sites, but I just couldn’t help myself! Have been doing lots of research and planning as of late, and I’m pretty positive about the expected outcome.
    The official site ain’t ready as of yet, but feel free to look into the blog and twitter.
  5. Re-vamp
    I’ve been re-vamping our room so often, I think the male specie is getting confused and lost.
  6. Simplicity
    Been so inspired by this site as of late, which has truly been a blessing! I’ve always been considered the ‘organized one’ both at work, and at home. Lately though, I’ve learnt I’m not all that organized, enough! So I’ve begun tossing out the unwanted, and making space for the more worthy, and perhaps neglected. And all it takes; is a pinch-ful of simplicity!

    I love my penny pinching device.

    I love my penny pinching device.

  7. Organization
    So yeah, I’ve been organizing myself a lot as of late. My documents, schedules, business, and my life. It’s been great and I’ve I’m truly learnt learning to adapt with all my happenings lately, and move onwards.

I spent the past 4 months dreading this month, and this date in particular. Thus, it bedazzles me that August has been my most productive month in the year of 2009. Not only have I developed professionally, but also personally.

Here’s to a lifetime more.

August 28, 2009. Marie Muses.

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