Here comes the Cow, again.

Twelve Malaysians were charged with sedition and illegal assembly Wednesday over an explosive protest against the relocation of a Hindu temple which saw a severed cow’s head paraded and abused.

Wassup with these people and their vengeance against cows?

(Yes, I’m well aware of the Hindu’s love for cows)

September 10, 2009. Marie Muses.


  1. steve the plumber replied:

    They must have some odd traditions in Malaysia

    • Ann replied:

      It doesn’t help that I live 20 mins away from the malaysian border. =P !

  2. Serene replied:

    This is no way related to this? hehehe

    Hi babe, i finally dropped by to read your new blog. Cute. Now i shall go to read your lrb blog

    • Ann replied:

      No! hahaha Although we sense the similarity. Enjoy the lrb =)

      PS: Ur GREATLY missed! I wish u’d come back to blistering hot Singapore!!!

      • steve the plumber replied:

        Whats the temperature there like today?

        In England its 10 degress

        • Ann replied:

          Sigh. 10 would be so good… bit too cold for me, but better than the 29-30 degrees here now, and its 10pm!

  3. steve the plumber replied:

    Its 4pm here, soon be time to leave the office, if its 29-30 is it a humid mind of heat?

    • Ann replied:

      Yup, the weather here’s quite temperamental. It’s either humid and dry, or wet and rainy all day long. I suppose we’ve grown used to the weather here.

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