Of Invites and Yellow Vaginas.

If you’re following me on birdie, Twitter, you’d have noticed me hyping over my love for Fridays. Well it’s not quite to “party till the moon turns bright?” as Gene’d put it.

We picked up our Invites yesterday! I’m not sure why I didn’t roll over and hyperventilate there on the spot.. or when we got back home.. perhaps the news didn’t quick settle in quickly. O-M-G, am I getting s-l-o-w? 😛 I’ve been so frigging busy, and perhaps haven’t had time to sit and absorb the news just as yet.

LRB‘s been keeping me busy, albeit the ‘botak’ site. I’ve got stuffs prepped for 2010, and can’t wait to start! On top of the prep for LRB, the blog‘s been keeping me swamped, too. We’ve been getting lots of queries and proposals over the past few months, which is always gooood! I’ve had some real bizarre suggestions I’ve had to turn-down though. Nevertheless, they sure provide a good chuckle over a late night’s cuppa Java. Yep, we’re strange living creatures who slurp at Starbucks night after night. Speaking of Javas…

It’s always been good having a partner who shared the same preference with me over our choice of coffee joints. It’s however, been BAD ever since Starbucks popped up at Sembawang Shopping Centre. It’s been BAD-DER that there’s a FOC shuttle bus that picks us up, a stone throw away from our glorious room. Now, if that’s not bad enough... we’ve recently been stamping passports and crossing causeways to the Starbucks there!!

Oct-Nov has been crazy. I’ve been piled up with planning, you ought to see the sticky notes all over my room. What we need is a swanky new study!

And oh, guess what I met at Bengawan Solo today?

For only 80 cents, you get to own your very own Banana Puki.

November 21, 2009. Marie Muses.

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