OMG!! It’s only 40 days to our wedding, and we’ve still got so much to settle! Put together his ‘n’ her busy schedules, we don’t quite get much time to tend to our wedding things. We’d already picked the date months ago, but were merely sitting on our asses, waiting to get inspired. To think we’ve had months to put the day together, and only rushing it now. *tsk tsk*

  • Confirm & book venue
  • Customize menu
  • My gear
  • His gear
  • Photographer we’ve got two!
  • Videographer
  • Florist & Decor
  • Invitation cards
  • Collect RSVP
  • Plan seating arrangement
  • Send program to printers
  • Prepare vows
  • Music (almost there!)
  • Thank you packages for wedding party
  • Planning the after-party
  • All the other nitty gritty details!!

I did want our wedding to be on the date we “got together.” ( I always found that dumb.. I mean really, how can you pick a date where you supposedly made an agreement that you’re a couple?? But we have one =P ) Though that was just wayyy too soon, and we both wanted more time to prep and plan for our big day.

Which brings us to 40-days-prior, and we’re still handing out invitations. I’m thinking we’d be able to settle all these planning details over the next two weeks, and that’d leave the next few weeks to sourcing and shopping for our gear + rings. We’ve been window shopping every weekend (I heart long weekends), but yet to find anything that’s caught our eyes. Oh well, I’m sure we’d find something in due time. We aren’t so superficial, what we really want on our wedding day is to be finally legally to-get-her! And of course, to share our fabulous day with people we hold dear to our hearts. I’m so bloody excited to meet up with old friends of mine, his, and ours whom we’ve been too busy to catch over the past couple of months.

So people, kindly RSVP faster, so I’d be able to place you to seat with table-mates you’d prefer!

PS: In case I forgot to mention, I am still a coffee addict. =(

November 30, 2009. Marie Muses.

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