Of Org-Freaks and then some.


In fact, I’m such a freak at it, that I truly believed I’d be some massive planning/organizing professional. Beats me why I never got into that. Probably because there isn’t such a qualification, yet. Right? I mean I can’t quite imagine

Diploma in Organization

Because I’d ace that. No doubt.

ALTHOUGH, with everything that’s been going on, my org-freak-brain has been deep-fried-till-charred that even the scavengers would reject it. So I took matters into hands, and got myself a cool new organizing thingie. I say thingie, because I am so not the geeknizer kinda person who’d use a software to remind me while I’m on-the-go. BUTT.. Desperate times .. So check out the cool new geeknizer thingie I got myself. I love it~ I do I do!!

It’s long-weekends with us again, (Woot!) and we’ve got loads planned out to bring us through till Sunday. Can’t wait!

December 3, 2009. Marie Muses.

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