Love-Hate Relationship with Cliffhangers! (+Santa!)

Anyone following Royal Pains? Haven’t been a huge fan, but I do follow through the episodes occasionally, good enough to understand the storyline.

I was getting a little bored with the Hank-Jill-Charlie triangle, and wondering whether Evan and Divya were gonna hook up (I think they’d make a cute couple!) despite her arranged soon-to-be marriage to Raj.. but the season ended perfectly with 3 cliffhangers! Unlike the rest of their otherwise quite-dull episodes, the Wonderland episode’s good enough to keep one hanging onto for the next season!

Ugly Betty’s coming back, too. *Yay* It’s been awhile since there’s been good TV.. !

Christmas is round the corner(!), and this probably the first year that I haven’t gotten time to get all hyped up over it, yet!

Sweet Santa brought me everything I’ve asked for early this year~ Weeee~~!!!!

I can-not wait for 2010!

December 9, 2009. Celebrations, Marie Muses.

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