Taking the highway to Cleopatra’s tresses

Our to-be reviewed list of products and websites have been growing and we’re trying really hard to keep up with all the products!

Some products require more time for us to test-drive, and gauge their ‘performance,’ and quite frankly, that’s our favourite part of it all!
Last week, we receive the L’Oreal Paris Elseve Re-nutrition formula in our mailbox, and I was lucky enough to have a chance of testing it out!

All that dyeing, perming, rebonding, colouring, highlighting, and more over the past many years, our hair (at least mine has) have taken a serious beating. So, when it comes to hair care, I don’t just stop at shampoo+conditioning. A couple of months ago, I did a review on the Replenishing Masque from this range, and felt my hair met heaven. So, it goes without saying this friendly kit came in as quite a surprise and a delight too!

I must admit, their Royal Jelly line has a weightless and oil-less feel, so no more worries about sticky hair all day or staining your pillows at night. Royal Jelly, in itself possesses various anti-aging supplements as they regenerate living cells, so this will definitely leave your hair feeling totally revitalized.

Directions for use:
Apply daily throughout your hair when it’s dry / damp. Its ultra-light and non-greasy texture is suitable for daily use. No need to rinse out!

After use, my hair always feels silky, light, flowing, smooth, and bouncy too! However, it does not seem able to combat the frizzy hair factor, which its masque perfectly accomplished. So perhaps the masque + leave-in treatment might just be the ultimate budget-friendly home hair kit for your household!

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The Boy Who Cried Wolf The Little Company – A division of the Singapore Repertory Theatre

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The Boy Who Cried Wolf The Little Company – A division of the Singapore Repertory Theatre

Absolutely entertaining and highly inspiring, ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ is yet another production from The Little Company. The Little Red Bus recently had the privilege of watching and reviewing this wonderful play, thanks to the generosity of the Singapore Repertory Theatre.

Founded back in 2001 by SRT, The Little Company is the birth child of their vision of producing theatre of the same quality for adults, for young children between 2 to 12 years of age. Their productions are written, designed, and performed especially for the young ones by professional adult actors.

Production and Play
Not much needs be said about the storyline of the play, a fable attributed to Aesop. One of the world’s most beautiful inspirational stories for young children, it teaches children (and adults) the importance of always telling the truth, and that lying brings forth no good.

Perhaps what I liked best about this play, is how they acknowledged children’s need for attention and love from their parents. We see the drastic measures they’d take to seek attention, and how as parents, we often view them as a negative behaviour; and easily fail to recognize the motive behind the behaviour.

Towards the end of the play, Little Petey’s father realizes the reason behind his son’s mishchief and decides to put time aside for his growing son. The play not only teaches children the ill effects of lying, but also gently awakens parents to spend more quality time with their precious young ones.

The Reception
I have been to children’s plays back while being a pre-school educator, and since we usually arrive in large groups, we’d usually bypass the nitty gritty details of collection of tickets, checking of seat numbers, and what-comes-with-it. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect attending one without my pack (students).

Despite being early, and the tiny crowd that had gathered outside the box office, I was pleasantly surprised at the counter staff who immediately stepped out of her booth to attend to me, as soon as I wandered in (looking lost, I’m sure).

She then proceeded to hand me my ticket and pointed out my seat number. The rest of the staff present also appeared to be genuinely friendly and excited about the play, which is an essential factor when working with young children. The children who began streaming in with their parents later on also seem to be infected by the festive and cheerful atmosphere provided by the staff.

They spent the waiting time walking around and interacting with the children and their parents, handing out pamphlets, with a simple craft kit (sheep’s ears) attached to it. Children all over were ecstatically putting on their “ears” with the assistance of their parents.

The doors opened promptly at 1:45pm, 15 minutes prior to the play. We were once again greeted by the friendly faces of their staff who provided children with buckets to elevate their seats, and ushered parents to their seats.

The seats were quickly filled, and it wasn’t long before we realized it was a full house!

The Set

I was thrilled we managed to get a snapshot of the set before the play began. This picture does no justice to the excellent props and set layout. Realistic stage props were used as tools to introduce children to the play. These realistic props helped the younger children further understand the roles played, and what the play scenario was all about.

That said, there weren’t too many props to overwhelm the child audience either. Instead, the props aptly complimented the actors while the were on stage; all the while leaving the attention solely onto the actors. It gave the play depth, and heightened its psychological quality. The actors used the props so naturally, that they enhanced our understanding and enjoyment of the show.

The Script
Written by Jean Tay who holds a degree in creative writing, and multiple prestigious awards, the script was flawless, easy to grasp for the young ones, and comical in just the right amount.

The actors played a huge role in enhancing the script too. They frequently edited their script to suit the mood and suggestions of their child audience, who were all-too-gladly screaming out suggestions ever so often. The script was evidently written to blend in with the local crowd (evident when the wolf attempts cooking mutton murtabak with the sheep).

Despite lasting almost 50 minutes (which in usual cases exceeds the attention span of toddlers), the script (and actors) managed to capture the attention of their young audience till the end. The children were highly engaged in their recipocal relationship with the play, its props, and its actors.

The Actors
Fabulous. Entertaining. Inspiring. The actors managed to convey the play’s ambitious aspirations to its audience, both young and old. Keeping in mind that we attended their last show for the week, their deliverance was still fresh, and entertaining.

They appeared to be having a blast, all the while:

  • Never forgetting their script
  • Not a blub (okay Little Petey’s Dad had one towards the end, but he managed to get a laugh out of everyone by gracefully acknowledging it)
  • Edifying as they went along (Little Petey got inspired by the child audience and added a dragon in his “fake attempts of crying wolf”)
  • Singing and dancing, and
  • Interacting with the audience (Little Petey did countless rounds around the audience in the attempt of “counting his sheeps”, Wolf was constantly engaged with the audience through his script)

They were expressive with their movements, their speech and songs were loud and clear, and (again!) they managed to captivate their young audience till the very end, which still amazes me!

Lights and Sound
I’m no expert in the lights department, but I would think that the lights and sound played an important role in intensifying the play.

Children and adults were treated to up-beat (but non-irritative) music while we waited for the play to begin and the not-so-early-ones to settle down. The music also served as a buffer for the children to absorb in the setting and new environment, prior to the commencement of the play.

Moments where Little Petey was describing the Dragon (an impromptu inspiration from his child audience) and the Giant, the lights and sound added to the mystery.

Sound Designer, Darren Ng’s work has been compared to Erik Satie, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and Martin Denny by international music reviewers from UK and Hong Kong. Thus, it goes without saying the sounds in this play was nothing short of excellent.

Crowd’s favourite probably was “Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf.” This cheerful tune caught the public fancy in the darkest days of the Great Depression. It was first heard in Three Little Pigs, a Silly Symphony released May 27, 1933. The original song composed by Frank Churchill for the cartoon, mirrored the people’s resolve against the “big bad wolf” of The Great Depression; the song actually became something of an anthem of the Great Depression.

To Summarize
The Boy Who Cried Wolf, probably one of the best eye-opener I’ve experienced in quite a while with its underlying morals, is highly recommended to all parents and schools too.

Like to catch a preview of the play?

You will be delighted by how it is brought to life by an exciting script and a professional cast of actors.

Date/Time: Saturday Aug 22, 5:30pm – 5:50pm
Venue: Activities Room in Sengkang Public Library
Language: English
Registration: Not Required

5 stars and highly recommended!

The Boy Who Cried Wolf
DBS Arts Centre – Home of SRT
30 Jul – 12 Sep 2009
Recommended for 2 – 6 year-olds.

Thank you SRT for giving us this memorable experience of review one of your great productions!

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Go Plates Go! My Food’s On My Beer!

go plates.jpg

Go Plates are reusable party plates (not to be confused with party hats) that sit on top of your beer can, bottle or plastic cup, allowing you a free hand which often comes essential at parties.

Product Site

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Coolest little business cards!


Market yourself for success! And what better way to do it then with a distinctive business card?

Cubid has already been reviewed here, although the first review didn’t give him the credit he deserves. Thus, here’s a second review on my second steal from Cubid!

Extremely affordable at only US $4.99 for twenty-four cards (not inclusive of US $1.00 for delivery charges), his cards are ideal for companies and individuals who are on the look for a simple, yet creatively different business identity.

  • Printed on good quality stock paper, hard and just a wee bit glossy.
  • Fabulous ink and printing, it looks absolutely professional. In fact, I’ve had “professionals” giving me a lot worse quality before.
  • Well cut, with a cutting device I suppose.
  • On top of his available designs, he is also open to customize your cards to your preferred colours, layout, and designs.
  • On top of that he also is open to fully customized cards. If you noticed my cards carry my company logo, that are not similar to his design templates.
  • Easy going, respectful and encouraging, he is easy to communicate with. He also provides you with suggestions and options to choose from, instead of one final design.
  • Every design is sent to you for your confirmation, before he proceeds onto create your cards.

and last, but certain not the least

  • he provides fast service! Both orders were designed on the very day of my order, and shipped out the next! Thus, I received my orders within 2 days of placing my order!

So there you go, if you are looking for an alternative from the usual business identity companies, do drop by Cubid prior to making your decision. He also does personalized built-to-order boxes and stickers that look absolutely lovely too!

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My Free Review Guidelines

Lately, I’ve been asked about my review-doings, which came as a pleasant surprise! Truth be told, I do reviews for my business’ for our community subscribers. What I do here, is purely out of fun, and of course I’d be more than glad to review your products and services!

If you were to send in anything child/mum/dad related, I would be placing it on LRB’s community (which your approval of course) as it would benefit both my readers & you business too!

Step 1:

Email me! Tell me about your product, service, or site that which you’d like me to review, and we can go from there.

Step 2:

This is where it breaks down!

Product Reviews:

Once you have mailed me your product, I will review it, photograph it, and then post about it. If you would rather I use your own images, do feel free to email them to me, as well as your logo or banner to advertise on my site/blog.

It would also be nice if you could send me information about you, your company, and the product being reviewed.

How Soon?
Once I receive your item, you will be informed via email. I make every effort to review products in a timely manner, sometimes however real life gets in the way. All reviews will be up within 2 to 5 working days. That said, I’m like a child during X’mas all year long, your review will probably be up once the product lands in my hands!

Service Reviews:

Once you have mailed me your vouchers/gift certificates, I will visit your service, review it, photograph it(if allowed), and then post about it. If you would rather I use your own images, do feel free to email them to me, as well as your logo or banner to advertise on my site/blog.

It would also be nice if you could send me information about you, your company, and the particular service being reviewed.

How Soon?
Once I receive your vouchers, you will be informed via email. I make every effort to review in a timely manner, sometimes however real life gets in the way. All reviews will be up within 2 to 7 working days.

Website Reviews:

I will visit your site, review it, take several screenshots, and then post about it. If you would rather I use your own images, do feel free to email them to me, as well as your logo or banner to advertise on my site/blog.

It would also be nice if you could send me information about you, your company, and your site being reviewed.

How Soon?
I make every effort to review in a timely manner, sometimes however real life gets in the way. All reviews will be up within 2 to 7 working days.

What sets my reviews apart?

  • Reviews done on my personal blog (here) are free. However, reviews done at LRB are paid advertisement, and an affordable charge of US $4.99 is applicable. This is a very small amount for free publicity and marketing for you.

  • I will email you the permalink once your review is posted.

  • I USE your product! I take your product and your company out with me to the fullest potential that I know that it can handle.

In the event of a not-so-positive review…

While I promise honest feedback, your submission is not guaranteed a super-positive review. If I feel that your product does not meet quality standards, I will contact you before posting any comments. I also reserve the right not to post a review.

No products will be returned. Once something is given as a review it becomes my sole property. I will fully test and use these products making returning them just impossible.

Please feel free to contact me with further questions!

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aruricards & cubid.sg

Here’s the snapshots of my latest steals from Etsy!


Linus from Cubid has been a truly dedicated seller on Etsy. His fast response (replied within an hour with 8 various design drafts to choose from) totally impressed me! My purchase was also quickly made and delivered real quick! This purchase was made on behalf on Beloved Rock, and Selina was absolutely thrilled when she finally saw the cards. Thanks Linus for your quick and fabulous job!



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L’Oreal • Elvive Re-Nutrition Replenishing Masque (with Royal Jelly)

Penelope Cruz is seen endorsing the new Elvive Re-Nutrition, which the narrator describes as Enriched with Royal Jelly, nourishing and conditioning even dried-out hair.

Couple of weeks ago, I received two sample kits of this from the Watson’s at Sun Plaza. As per usual, I tossed them aside until last week when I chanced upon them whilst digging through my drawers. This is probably the part where I stress on how super-massive-ultra dry my hair is. Really.

So anyways, I figured I’d give the sample kit a go. It had a good thick texture, a nice honey scent and a rich feeling masque. My hair felt nice and silky after rinse, and while it was still wet after shower. After drying, though my hair felt bit softer, it went back close to its god-forsaken condition.

HOWEVER, after 3 uses, I’m beginning (and so are everyone around me) to see changes! My hair is silkier, softer, more managable and much much thicker than it ever has been! Best part’s that I’m still on the sample kit, have enough for another round of wash, afterwhich I’m definitely buying it.

Could my hair have finally found THE ONE ?

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Uniquegrabs greeting card.

Couple of days ago I became a member at Etsy, and made my first purchase last Sunday. I was pretty excited over the week, waiting for my purchase to arrive. True to his word (the seller’s), the package arrived in my mailbox promptly this afternoon!


It was good impression from first glance. Look how thoughtful the package was stamped “DO NOT BEND”.

Upon opening the envelope, I was pleased to note that the card, along with numerous other goodies were placed in a water-proof, air-tight ziploc bag. The ziploc bag was further taped to its sides to form a neat rectangle fitting the size of the card.


Ah.. the Tom Cruise was an additional delight. It’s actually a postcard from the vendor- a handwritten thank you note.

The package included the greeting card I ordered, a matching envelope, a cute little namecard of the vendor, a thank you postcard, a free gift tag, and 5 discount vouchers at 30% each for future purchases, all for only US$3.00!


Finally, the card I ordered. Gorgeous, ain’t she? Hope my friend likes it too.


You can view Richard’s shop on Etsy here for more of his lovely hand-mades.

Oh, and by the way if you signed up for Etsy via my referral link, it’d be like   buying  me a Java. How about that now? 😛 Signing up is free and easy! Just click here.

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