Weekend and Flash Overdose

You know what happens when you purchase a camera only to unearth it every couple of months weeks?

You mess up your pix, of course!

We had such a fabulous time last weekend, with Giles’ birthday, World Aids Day @ Supperclub, shopping, shopppping, and (?) shopping.

Here’s Giles stabbing his cake.

I received tickets to the World Aids Day event on December 5th. We were already having a jam-packed schedule for the weekend, but managed to it squeeze in, and I’m so glad we went! We had like the best seats, and the food & drinks were fabulous. Yep, a not very noble event, nonetheless, I had a great time.

Took a walk down memory lane after Supperclub, and ended up at Esplanade for my (okay, not my) famous cuppa frozen Margarita. Ahh.. with the long drought, the frozen shake was sooOo good!

We were mistaken for being students from NAFA (for the love of God, I can’t figure out why, or how??!) and were given the mini t-shirts the students were designing. We being not-artistic beings, brought ours home and gave Rooloo clothes.

Damn doggie looks so adorable now, protecting his modesty and all.

December 8, 2009. Events.

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