About Ann

Ann Thomas

I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious.
~ Albert Einstein


I am Ann Thomas, a twenty-something year old Singapore-based Entrepreneur. This blog is a haphazard collection of random thoughts, photos and all-things being me. Boho, hippie, mod, klutz, street, I am almost the composition of everything in one place.

I live in my cozy little room with my fiancée (who does amazing geek-stuffs) our growing collection of stuffed toys, my studio, his ‘n’ hers workstation; which also doubles up as our snooze-lounge.

An early childhood professional, I have spent almost 7 years (and counting) working with young children. My curious nature, accompanied by my love for quirky finds, whimsical fantasies, and passion for the young was the driving force behind my entrepreneurship.



Having dedicated many years in the early childhood environment, I always knew I wanted to do more than just teach; and thus, the creation of Little Red Bus. Like any happy family, Little Red Bus is a labour of love. Our goal is to explore the whole family ‘process’, the highs, the lows and the complexities. What exactly is Little Red Bus?

  • Directory
    Our humble directory is a brand-new venture which features family-friendly vendors and service providers.
  • Community
    Our community, is rich and ever-growing with articles for parents, teachers, children and grand-folks too. We feature reviews, contests and free giveaways for our loyal readers who enjoy our company, much as we do of theirs.
  • Shop
    Launching in the 4th Quarter of 2009.



See Ann Work is my creative outlet. It is a collection of creative thinking, writing, and work that represents my inspirations, indulgence, and simple solutions. It is also where I ramble on about design and all things that interest me; occasional, if not frequent.



Email: ann[at]little-red-bus.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/littleredbus

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